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2017 Annual Dinner/Meeting

2017 Elko County Sage-grouse Experience
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Northeastern Nevada Sage-grouse Local Area Working Group


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Timely Topics

The Uhart family from the Home Ranch, at the 2016 Annual Dinner/Meeting

Pete Coates speaking on Long Term Effects of Wildfire on Sage-grouse at a January 2016 event

Stitching the West Back Together discussion.
Gary Nabhan, Steve and Robin Boies, Richard Collins, Richard Knight, and
Thomas Sheridan at the 2015 Cowboy Poetry Gathering

George Gruell signing his book Nevada’s Changing Wildlife Habitat:
An Ecological History

Panel discussion during the 2012 Cowboy Poetry Gathering



As the Northeastern Nevada Stewardship Group, we appreciate:
Opportunities which allow us to live and work in Northeast Nevada;
Natural resources which enable local prosperity;
Productive ecosystems which provide healthy environments and quality lifestyles;
Our western heritage, culture and customs.

In order to ensure a better future for our families, community and future generations,
To build trust among our diverse citizenry, and to
Ensure sustainable resource use,
We join together as full partners to
Provide a collaborative forum for all willing participants.
We are dedicated to dynamic, science-based resolution of
Important issues related to resource stewardship and
Informed management of our public lands with
Positive socioeconomic outcomes.

Panel consisting of Jon Griggs, Robin Wignall, Jay Tanner, John McCann, James Rogers, and Carol Evans, at the Nurturing Great Riparian Plains: Cows, Creeks and Collaboration talk at the 2016 Cowboy Poetry Gathering

Agee Smith from the Cottonwood Ranch speaking at the 2015 Annual Dinner/Meeting

NNSG members and partners inspect the Ruby Pipeline right-of-way for successful reclamation.

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